We are a small studio of two talented web professionals teamed together in pursuit for digital challenges. We specialize in building clean, effective and easy-to-use websites and applications that enhance user experience across multiple devices.

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What we do


How we do it

01/ Research

This is a discovery phase, the one on which depends the workflow of the entire project. It involves extensive research and learning about target audience, brand, business objective etc.

02/ Plan

Relevant informations gathered in a research phase are summed up in a project briefStatement describing
- Purpose
- Performance requirements
- Cost and
- Constraints of a project
, which is then utilized as reference point in all coming stages of project life-cycle.

03/ Design

In this stage visual representations of website come to life. At first these are rough sketches i.e., sitemaps and wireframesWeb pages layouts with focus on arrangements and hierarchy of web page key elements.. Gradually, through iteration and users' participation wireframes become highly detailed visualsImages depicting website or web application..

04/ Build

Building an actual web project often requires both front-end Coding the front parts of the website that user can see and interact with. and back-end developmentCoding the back parts that are not directly visible or accessible to the user. and number of diverse tools and technologies. Once built, it undergoes thorough and careful quality controlSet of activities designed to help finding and correcting any problems with the final product. to make sure all looks and works as intended.

05/ Launch

After some tweaking and client's final approval project is ready to go live. But launching isn't necessarily the end of the project. It is quite common to set up a maintenance planList of tasks and procedures to be performed during specified period that may include content updating, adding features, SEO/SEM etc. to cover project future needs.


Who we are

Igor Tikvić, founder

Marija Tikvić, web developer

Working with us

Succesful project outcome depends on clear understanding of business objective. That's why open, straightforward communication is extremely important. We need to know you to get the right solution for your specific needs and priorities.

And to be sure we are on course we'll ask you to actively participate and give feedback in every project phase and design iteration.

Our policy

To ensure best possible results, each project we undertake is guided by the same practice standards and principles:

  • a tailored approach in tune with client needs
  • cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility
  • adherence to latest industry standards
  • attention to details
  • transparent pricing

Contact us

Let's work together

We are friendly folks and we always welcome new ideas and challenges.
If you think we are the right guys for your next project feel free to contact us with any question you have.